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Need a Wordsmith Who Can Help You to Promote Yourself?

Hi, my name is Christian Dillstrom. I am the lead growth hacker of SalesSalvage.com. This interview is part of my Interesting Organizations interview series. I hope you enjoy it. What is the name of your organization? King Professional Communications, LLC (www.kingprocommunications.com)   When was King Professional Communications, LLC founded? 2012   Who owns King Professional …
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3 Components of a Winning Resume

If you’re like many job seekers, writing a professional resume is one of your least favorite parts of the job search process. The combination of a compelling academic/professional background and the ability to portray yourself in a uniquely positive light is necessary to make your resume stand out in a pile. Unfortunately, like the resumes …
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King Professional Communications Partners with Careers.org

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: GREATER ATLANTA (May 18, 2016) – King Professional Communications—a premier provider of content marketing, professional editing and resume writing/ job search services—is now officially a partner with Careers.org, a leading Web provider of job search and career advice. “We are very excited about this partnership,” says YaShekia King, Founder/CEO of King Professional …
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King Professional Communications Launches Website for Marketing Writing, Editing and Resume Writing Services

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: GREATER ATLANTA (August 26, 2013) – King Professional Communications officially announces the launch of the website promoting its three premier communication services—marketing writing, editing and resume writing—making it a leading provider of communications services both nationwide and worldwide. “We make the power of the written word work for you,” says YaShekia King, …
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4 Things Not to Include on Your Resume

Maybe you’re out of work and desperately need a new source of income. Perhaps you have a job, but you know you’re worth more than what you’re currently being paid, and you’re ready for a change—a new salary coupled with new opportunities. In either event, it’s that time again—time to dust off your resume and …
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