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Writing Services

Do you need a well-written news release to market your business events or new services? How about developing a white paper that effectively drives leads and sales for your business by educating and persuading your audience? Let us be your public relations/marketing team!

With 10,000-plus pieces of web content under our belt—and counting—King Professional Communications LLC has proven to be effective in reaching out to your business’ target customers and bringing them to a thorough knowledge of your unique business offerings.

We can help you to create or revamp your website copy and even generate regular blogs, articles, or newsletters for your website that keep your customers coming back to you for more information and ideas—essentially keeping the conversation going between you and your clients, and thus helping you to solidify more sales.

In today’s economy, we know that every customer/client counts and every sale counts, and our goal has always been to promote you strongly so that drawing new customers and retaining existing customers couldn’t be easier: We make your customer want to choose you—and keep you!


We specialize in writing:

  • News releases
  • Website copy
  • Marketing blogs
  • Informational/educational articles
  • White papers
  • Website product descriptions
  • Product reviews
  • Newsletters
  • Ghostwriting
  • Biographies

Our Website Copywriting Process:

1) We can review your website to make recommendations on what pages need to be changed content-wise, and we will also make recommendations for each page’s word count.

2) We will gather specific information from you that will guide us in creating high-quality content that will meet your needs (the information-gathering process can be done by phone, in person or via a custom questionnaire).

3) Finally, we will create content for you within 7 days, 10 days, or 14 days (depending on your chosen turnaround time).

Use of Keywords:

At King Professional Communications LLC, we use various Web tools to determine what keywords are trending in relation to the service/topic we are writing about on your behalf. The right keywords will help to optimize your website, blog, or other written piece for today’s search engine users, thus enabling you to "speak the same language" as your possible visitor base and thus draw more Web users to your website.

Our Clients

U.S. Green Technology

U.S. Green Technology, a premier site for news about green jobs, technology, building, manufacturing,
green start-ups, changes in green business, social media campaigns and the spread of the green
movement throughout entertainment:

http://usgreentechnology.com/green-tech-products/2012-year-in-review-top-10-u-s-green-technologyarticles/  (YaShekia King, owner of King Professional Communications, produced nine of the website’s top 10 articles for 2012)

Concrete Designs

Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana, a leader in restoring and rejuvenating clients’ existing concrete:

Elite Crete Systems Inc

A leading decorative concrete company in Indiana:

Thomas F. Courtney & Associates

A law firm providing an Illinois Secretary of State legal/business services website

Demand Media Studios

(Ehow.com, Travels.com), a deliverer of online content for more than 100 million monthly visitors:

Conjecture Corp.

(WiseGEEK),  a leading provider of questions and answers in categories ranging from careers to health:

Other Clients

  • All Covered, the US’ preeminent technology solutions provider
  • Aramendia Plumbing, Heating & Air (Texas)
  • ExpertMedicine, a leading site for the latest innovations in the medical industry
  • Goodyear Engineered Products, a producer of transportation and industrial products
  • LiabilityPolicy.com, a leading site for the latest news in the insurance industry
  • RunningBack.net, a leading site for football news
  • Sills, Cummis & Gross P.C., a leading New Jersey/New York law firm
  • Strax Rejuvenation, the US’ largest plastic surgery center (Florida)


Pricing is available upon request. Note that for blogs, information/educational articles, newsletters, news releases, and product reviews, we offer discounts if you choose to have a content piece written regularly (once a week, once every two weeks, once a month). Contact us for more information!

Contact us for your professional writing needs today!